March 9, 20200

Xtrfy becomes main sponsor of Begrip Gaming after the revival of the legendary Swedish esports organization.

Originally founded 20 years ago, Begrip Gaming is known throughout the gaming community as one of the legendary Counter-Strike organizations that ignited the careers of some of the world’s greatest players. Relaunched in 2020 through new ownership, Begrip is back with an all-Swedish CS:GO roster, high ambitions for the future and Xtrfy as their gaming peripherals sponsor.

“We’re glad to see Begrip back in the scene, and excited to partner up with the organization and its new players. Begrip was the talent academy for some of the biggest names of today, and we can’t wait to see what this revival will bring to CS:GO and what it will mean to the Swedish scene in particular”, says Joakim Jansson, CEO of Xtrfy.

“At Begrip, we’re proud to announce our partnership with Xtrfy. We’re truly excited to foster a new relationship and looking forward to seeing what the future brings”, says Andreas Naaman, CEO of Begrip Gaming.

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Begrip Gaming is an Electronic-Sports organization, founded in 2000. It employs professional video game players, and is currently based in Sweden. Begrip’s goals include marketing towards a global audience through its gaming entertainment channels and further expanding the organization into new areas.

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