March 24, 20200

NOBLECHAIRS becomes a main sponsor to Begrip Gaming.

As eSports continues to grow internationally so do the business aspirations of Begrip as we hope to grow both our partnership base as well as our team store lines. We believe these paths coupled with our fantastic player base and drive to win is the perfect formula to increase the Begrip brand popularity and more importantly increase the viewership and registration in the eSports community worldwide.

“To become a main sponsor for Begrip Gaming feels very exciting. We have high expectations on our premium gaming chairs just like we have for our partnerships, and Begrip Gaming shows professionalism and great focus. Can´t wait to see where we will end up!”, says Filip Kristersson, Brand Development Manager

“Begrip is proud to announce its new partnership with noblechairs as a main sponsor. The reason why we wanted to partner up with noblechairs is so that our players can maximize their performance and comfort while gaming. noblechairs meets these requirements. We are extremely excited to have them by our side and want to give them a warm welcome to the Begrip family, Thanks!“, says Andreas Naaman, CEO of Begrip Gaming

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Begrip Gaming is an Electronic-Sports organization, founded in 2000. It employs professional video game players, and is currently based in Sweden. Begrip’s goals include marketing towards a global audience through its gaming entertainment channels and further expanding the organization into new areas.

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