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We are a competitive professional baseball club - with our players competing at all levels from local team galas.

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Begrip Gaming is a Electronic-Sports organisation, founded in 2000.

Begrip’s mission is to change the Esports relationship between players and owners. Instead of building a partnership, we intend to build a family. Looking into the future, Begrip intends to expand into many other gaming communities besides our forte of Counter-Strike and cultivate new market share in the games such as Valorant, Fortnite, Dota, League of Legends, Overwatch, etc.

As eSports continues to grow internationally so do the business aspirations of Begrip as we hope to grow both our partnership base as well as our team store lines. We believe these paths coupled with our fantastic player base and drive to win is the perfect formula to increase the Begrip brand popularity and more importantly increase the viewership and registration in the eSports community worldwide.


Begrip Gaming is a Electronic-Sports organisation, founded in 2000.


Begrip Gaming is a Electronic-Sports organisation, founded in 2000.
Before the revival through new ownership, Begrip used to be one of the oldest Counter-Strike organizations that focused on fostering player development before taking a leap into the majors and competitive competition. Today, Begrip walks a different path. The new owner of Begrip, and the organization as a whole is determined to take Begrip to the next level by giving their players full support on their journeys to becoming professional Esports contestants and winners. Today, Begrip’s sole focus is to provide players with the best opportunities to become professional Esports athletes and build good foundations for each and every player. Over several years in the industry, Begrip began to take notice that there unspoken but


Begrip Gaming is an Electronic-Sports organization, founded in 2000. It employs professional video game players, and is currently based in Sweden. Begrip’s goals include marketing towards a global audience through its gaming entertainment channels and further expanding the organization into new areas.

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